About Paul Getter

About Paul Getter

Paul Getter is a friend first and top-tier internet marketer second.

Paul’s internet marketing career began in desperation. Recently fired and without any prospects, he discovered the power of social media. Without any formal education in marketing, he committed himself to learning every aspect of social media marketing. Fast forward a few years and he has now spent over one billion dollars running ads and campaigns for his clients, is in the top 1% of ad spenders on Facebook, and has over 1 million followers on Instagram.

But Paul knows that platforms like Facebook and Instagram are just tools. They're not the objective. The objective is getting results for his clients.

Just a sampling of his successes include boosting the popularity of TV shows, skyrocketing authors onto the New York Times best-sellers list, elevating Fortune 500 companies, and helping numerous A-list celebrities and small-platform personalities gain millions of social media followers.

But don't get the wrong idea that Paul only works with household brand names or personalities who have already achieved fame and influence (such as Alex Mehr, Tai Lopez, and Les Brown, just to name just a few). On the contrary, Paul is absolutely passionate about collaborating with anyone who is wholeheartedly dedicated to sharing their awesome ideas with the world.

Paul works with each client in a deeply personal way. People trust him, refer him to their friends and colleagues, and come back to work with him because he cares for them as people. Ethical to the core, Paul has declined numerous lucrative opportunities that didn't align with his principals.

He lives in Florida with his wife and three brilliant kids. When not spending time with his family or placing his order a local Starbucks—tall nonfat mocha, please—you might find him in a third-world country camping in huts with no water or electricity. His heart is for the homeless and people in impoverished countries. Paul himself grew up in a low income home, facing many challenges growing up. He has served on the board for a large homeless nonprofit organization that helps those in drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

His hobbies include running, reading and optimizing funnels.

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